Happy Birthday Cancer Patient (or Survivor!), Chemo-tini Card



Saying “Happy Birthday Cancer Patient” is even more important during treatment, since patients can’t help but wonder, “how many birthdays do I have left now?” Many patients have some kind of treatment on their actual birthday, so why not¬†lighten the mood and gift them some humor!

This card was inspired by one of my patients, years ago, who liked to joke that her red-colored chemo looked a lot like the color of her favorite martini. She would ask me, “Honey, can’t you just switch it for a martini, just once? After all, both the chemo and the martinis are savin’ my life!” So I called her treatment a “Chemo-tini.”

Text on card: “Cheers to another year! Happy Birthday!

Blank inside so you can pour your heart out.

4 x 5 1/4 matte greeting card. Includes white envelope. Printed in Los Angeles, California.

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