Lucky Dog Breast Cancer Awareness Tote



You lucky dog, you!

This Breast Cancer Awareness Tote makes a perfect gift kit, beach bag, or wholesale order if you have a gift shop.

If you or your friend or family member is going through chemo, pack them a cancer center survival kit. You can also show it off at cancer fundraiser 5Ks or take it to your picnic with your snacks in it.

Remember, doggies get cancer too, so we really are lucky dogs, because at least we have the ability to assess when something isn’t right in our bodies. But our furry friends can’t talk, so make sure to take them to their regular vet checkups!

Lucky Dog Breast Cancer Awareness Tote Inspiration

Breast Cancer Awareness Gifts are important to many of you because now it seems like everyone knows someone with breast cancer. This tote was inspired because our customers have voted no more pink ribbons. Although it’s a beautiful symbol of hope, strength, and the fight for a cure, women are saying they’re tired of being “branded” and want Breast Cancer Walk Shirts and Totes that don’t look like the ones that everyone else has. So stand out from the crowd and order this cute and funny breast cancer awareness tote.

Writing on tote: Breast Cancer Awareness, You’re lucky you only have two to be aware of!

Dimensions: 15″ wide x 16″ tall

Don’t forget the matching shirt to go with it!!

Illustration by Anthony Joseph Ponce. ©2016 LumpyCards. All Rights Reserved.

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