Mastectomy? No More Back Pain!



Mastectomy No More Back Pain Inspiration

Some women lucky enough to be on the voluptuous side, tend to be not-so-lucky with their backs. Unfortunately, a larger chest can lead to the center of gravity being pulled forward, creating strain on the back. If your friend has always complained of back pain due to being large-breasted and is about to have a mastectomy, this mastectomy no more back pain greeting card is for her! Go ahead, make her smile!

Writing on inside of card: At least your boobs won’t give you back pain anymore.

It’s important to make people aware about breast cancer,  and do self-checks, but we don’t always need scary stories. Sometimes all we need is something playful to remind us.  Refer to CHECK 15 for funny and creative videos to remind you and your loved ones to do monthly self exams. And yes, that’s for men and women!

4 x 5 1/4 matte greeting card. Includes white envelope.

Card idea and illustration by Anthony Joseph Ponce. ©2016 LumpyCards. All Rights Reserved.