Welcome to the home of Funny Cancer Cards, Cancer Shirts and Cancer Gifts. Here at LumpyCards we know that cancer can be really scary, so why would we sell sappy sympathy cards? Choosing an uplifting gift with lighthearted graphics and text rather than serious, heavy ones can help cancer patients feel understood and seen. People who are not directly in the cancer community sometimes see our funny cancer cards as taboo or untouchable topics. But cancer patients love them because they provide comic relief. After all, our minds need a break from this life or death situation! Are you ready to make someone smile?!

Watch our TV interview!

LumpyCards founder, Lexi Quintero (then Timmons) gets interviewed on The Real Daytime TV about how and why she started creating funny cancer greeting cards. Making cancer patients laugh and feel loved has always been her goal as an oncology nurse, now Lexi is spreading the good vibes through her uplifting cancer gifts.