Breast Reconstruction, Final Stage – Tattoos!

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Ladies, you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone, right? Well nipples are no different. If you know a gal who’s had or is about to have a double mastectomy with no nipple sparing, please, give her some love… and be grateful for your own nipples! Breast reconstruction final stage – tattoos!!

Contrary to popular belief, breast reconstruction after a mastectomy is very different than regular breast augmentation. Last December during her double mastectomy, my mom and I learned that you don’t come out of surgery with Porn Star Boobs; it’s a long, ugly healing process until you start to look normal again.

At first, there’s frankenstein scars, surgical drains hanging from the incisions, and dents – sporadic concave pockets left by different amounts of breast tissue taken from different areas to clear all the margins of the cancer. You realize how asymmetrical your anatomy naturally is. Just about everyone’s rib cage is off-center, causing one breast to appear bigger than the other, even if they’re the same size.

But today, 11 months after losing her breasts, she has a fun appointment – getting nipples! “3d” nipple tattoos look so real it’s as if they’re your own, and the color of them takes your attention of the surgical scars. After 6 months of filling her expanders, then a final surgery to replace the expanders with real implants, my mom is finally healed, her scars have faded to a barely noticeable tint, and she’s ready for her tattoos!

The tattooing took only 45 minutes, and now she’s elated. “It’s been so long without nipples that I kind of forgot what it was like. I love them!” she announces as she makes multiple spins in front of the full-body mirror, naked from the waist up.

You’ll look like you have pepperoni on your breasts for about a week, but then the real color will come out and you’ll love it. One more appointment in a few months, for a little touch up with more detail and they’ll look perfect

An increasing trend in more creative post-reconstruction tattoos is emerging, allowing women to express themselves, using their cancer experience as an opportunity to decorate their bodies in something other than scars.

To new new nipples, mom’s great health, and a New Year, happy 2015!

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