Introducing Kick the Crap out of Cancer!

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Lynn Calado is an amazing woman, and also a very dear friend of mine. She’s passionate about health, she’s a full time fitness instructor, and doesn’t let breast cancer get in her way. She’s got loads of good energy, and her humor and wit will have you laughing until your sides hurt (hint: she did comedy improv for a while!). She’s one of those people that after you first meet, you’re already planning your next get-together because she’s just that addictive.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2014 and instead of emotionally collapsing, she just told herself she was going to get through it, that there was no other option. “I had Cancer Lite,” she playfully says, “I had no reason to complain. So many other women have Real Cancer with heavy-duty chemo.”

breast cancer survivorI just want to inspire women that’s there’s hope and to stay positive.” And that’s what she’s doing.

The very day she was diagnosed she posted a selfie-style video of her explaining what just happened and how she felt about it. She continued to chronicle her journey, recording every few days to show other patients what to expect and how to handle the treatment. She created a Facebook page where she uploaded the videos and other breast cancer patients started to follow.

Lynn’s one piece of advice for cancer patients is to find humor in everything. “Cancer is a bully, and bullies don’t like being laughed at. So by laughing at cancer you take it’s power away, you diminish it,” she says. “Laughter is the best weapon.”

Lynn now has her own website and will soon be selling her t-shirts and a few other surprise products down the line. Stay tuned to find out more!!

Are you interested in sharing your cancer story? Let’s get started!

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