About Us

Who We are and What We Do

LumpyCards is a company dedicated to making cancer patients laugh. We use humor in our cancer-related cards, shirts and accessories to lighten the air around the heavy topic. We’re true believers that humor is the best medicine, and together with our talented artists, we want to give cancer patients and survivors alike the freedom to make light of things, however crass it comes out. 

It’s not all about humor. Many of our products are specifically designed to uplift or spread awareness through colorful artwork. You won’t find any of the typical, overused cancer slogans or pink ribbons (or any color of ribbons for that matter). We’re all about original designs that convey our light-hearted nature. Are you ready to make someone’s day?

Lexi Quintero, RN. Founder, CEO.

It all started in 2012 when I was working as an oncology nurse at Beverly Hills Cancer Center. My mom got diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer shortly after I started working for BHCC, and although I had been a nurse for a few years already, my newfound fear of losing her changed the way I saw things at work. From then on, every man and woman I gave chemotherapy to 5 days a week, reminded my of my mom and how scared I was for her. Her type of breast cancer was aggressive, as was her chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

I was surrounded by cancer. Cancer at work, cancer in my personal life. To make things worse, my mom lived 3 hours away, in Visalia, CA. So I couldn’t just drop by anytime to keep her company or make her feel better. I went home for her chemo treatments but that didn’t feel enough. I searched for greeting cards that were cancer-related to cheer her up, but all the cancer cards out there were just sappy, depressing sympathy cards. And I had already seen her reaction when family and friends sent her those types of cards, it made her feel worse. “Those cards make me feel like I’m already dead,” she said. “I don’t want people’s sympathy, I want them to make me feel happy, not sad and sorry for myself.”

That statement set off a trigger, ‘That’s how I’m going to help!’ I thought. So I started designing cards that had cancer-related humor to make light of the situation, to make them laugh. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine, and I believe that! As it turns out, designing these cards, helped me stay positive through my mom’s experience, as well as through being an oncology nurse.

I showed some of the cards to a few of my patients and they went nuts over them, insisting that I start a company for these cards. So I did. I knew nothing of business, or websites or anything, so I started asking advice from friends, taking online courses and giving it all I had.

In October 2013 I founded LumpyCards with a rudimentary website. Since then I’ve completely redesigned the website (I’ve learned a lot since then) and have added t-shirts, tote bags  to the mix when I bought my industrial garment printer to do all my own printing in-house.

I quit nursing in May, 2014 and I now work full time for my company. I love my LumpyCards, and I love the response I get from cancer patients. Humor really is a necessary part of the healing process, and I’m happy I can be here to share it!

In 2017 I became a mom and printing all the shirts and accessories became too much, so I sold the garment printer. Now everything except the greeting cards (which I still print at home) get printed by a third-party printer.

My goal now is to bring laughter to as many cancer patients as I can. Now LumpyCards has grown and I offer wholesale, customizable cards, apparel, bags, hats and more. I’m happy knowing that I can make more patients feel good as they walk into the treatment area wearing their empowering LumpyCards apparel and accessories.

To contact me directly, email lexi@lumpycards.com

LumpyCards recently began hosting a bi-annual hair donation party in Los Angeles, CA. All donated hair goes to make free wigs for cancer patients who can’t afford them, with the help of Hair We Share.

LumpyCards is always looking for hair donation volunteers. If you’re interested in donating, contact Lexi at lexi@lumpycards.com.

We’re always looking for other opportunities to partner with organizations to help cancer patients. If you’re interested in forming an event, or need help hosting your own, we’re happy to help!

The Story Behind the the Name

In early 2013, when the idea of selling her funny cancer greeting cards had just begun brewing, Lexi began brainstorming a company name. She thought of many, some were generic like, “Cancer Greeting Cards” to “Funny Cancer Cards,” but those were too boring. There were also names that played off of the famous cancer ribbons, others with thrive or fight or survive, in the name but she felt they were all overused in the cancer community. She wanted something unique.

Lexi asked her mom what she thought, and she was actually the one that came up with LumpyCards. She said, “You know, lumpy – like a lump in your breast. It’s less negative than actually saying cancer, and people still know what a ‘lump’ is.” And so LumpyCards began to develop a life of it’s own. The logo is meant to capture the playful aspect of the cards, and show that there can, in fact, be humor in cancer.