Cancer Warrior Cat Card


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This Cancer Warrior Cat Card is a playful way to encourage your friend with cancer. Unlike a few other cancer cards of ours, it’s appropriate for all ages. Brighten your friend’s day with the cheerful colors and G-rated graphic.

Mr. Warrior Cat breaks LumpyCards golden rule: no cancer ribbons! This is the only card you’ll see a cancer ribbon on any LumpyCards products! Usually we’re pretty against them, just because they’re so worn out and that’s all people usually decorate cancer products with. But we feel the ribbon is appropriate here, since it’s a good way to symbolize cancer without actually writing the word “cancer” on the Cat Warrior’s costume. That, and it doesn’t take away from the rest of the cool design. The cancer ribbon is multi-colored, to represent all the different types of cancer. 

Cancer Warrior Cat Card Inspiration

Who doesn’t love a superhero? If you really want to save the day for your friend, please don’t just write one sentence in the card or, “get well soon” and sign it. Speaking from experience, cancer patients really want to hear your own words of encouragement. This card is blank on the inside, so write about how you want to support him or her through this extremely difficult time, how you’ll be there for them when they need to talk or cry or… vomit. Explain how you’d be happy to run errands, bring food, help with caring for the kids and even to do some chores! Better yet, don’t just offer, ask when would be a good time to do all these things, instead of asking if they’d like you to do them. Because believe me, when you’re going through cancer treatment, you don’t have the emotional or mental capacity to process the daily minutia, and if someone insists on helping out, it will mean the world to you!

Illustration donated by Anthony Joseph Ponce. You can find him and all his amazing art on Instagram @anthonyjosephponce

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A2 (4 1/4  x  5 1/2″) greeting card. Card stock is 100% recycled, 100% PCW. Envelope is 100% recycled, 50% PCW and certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the FSC. Made, printed and shipped with love by an oncology nurse.

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