The Chemo Made Me Do It



We know that treatment for cancer is not fun, but make your friend laugh with this funny “the chemo made me do it” card for men and women! “Chemo brain” is no joke, and many patients swear that during chemotherapy treatment they have a harder time remembering things and often do things that are out of character. Humor can be a great way to lighten the air around the topic, so make sure to fill up the card with your own humor to go along with what’s on the front!

Make him/her feel loved by gifting a funny shirt and tote bag too! Don’t forget, humor is healing and works great for comic relief, but cancer can be a very sensitive subject. But be sure to round it out with lots of love and caring – call often and offer to help. Here’s an article to make sure they know you care: 28 Ways to Show You Care

Writing on front of card: “The chemo made me do it.”

Blank inside so you can fill it up! Please, fill it up. Don’t just sign and send!!

4 x 5 1/4 matte greeting card. Includes white envelope.

Card idea & illustration by Alex Mills. ©2016 LumpyCards. All Rights Reserved.

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