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Facebook Reviews:

lumpycards 5 star facebook review 5 star review lumpycards5 star facebook review lumpycards5 star facebook review lumpycards

Emails from customers or recipients of cards:

“Your cards are just spot on and I was delighted when I saw you would deliver to the UK, in fact to the north of Scotland! The cards and the hat are now on their way to New Zealand!  My friend is having  a bilateral mastectomy and I feel sure she will really appreciate and laugh at the “Boobs tried to kill me” one.  She also has a brown female dog – so that dog piss on cancer card was particularly appropriate also!  
At the end of her treatment, we’ll visit and give her the “no cancer day” card, which echoes our hope that we can all have some quality time together without the C word being mentioned! Thank you again for your kind words and wonderfully apt products.” 

“LumpyCards are Hilarious! Funny! Witty!!! For all cancer support occasions. I always laugh my head off when I read a new card! A perfect gift for those going through this difficult challenge.” ~Carlos Caridad 

“I wore my LumpyCards tank today. Thank you Nurse Lexi!!! These are perfect gifts for cancer patients or anyone wanting to support the cause!” ~Melissa Olivera 

“Hello Lexi, I came across your story and a link to your company in my Well Beyond Ordinary email.  I checked out your site…and I’m laughing so hard! Each of your cards so accurately and humorously describes the cancer journey! I was having a really rough day, along with some breathing trouble today, and laughing at your cards has been so therapeutic, and made me feel so much better!

I was diagnosed with stage IV B Hodgkin’s in January 2012, and relapsed 112 days after I finished treatment.  I received a lot of beautiful cards during my two cancers.  But I would have loved to receive your cards.  Regular cards are designed for short-term sicknesses… I wouldn’t hesitate to even give your card to a terminally ill patient!! Thank you for making cards that are so appropriate to give oncology patients.  I look forward to enjoying more laughs from your future cards!” ~Jennifer Anand

“I must say that I think that is brilliant and inspiring business. Most people will go through someone dealing with cancer at some point and it’s a very tough thing to deal with. I have had every woman in my family pass away from cancer and most recently in April, my aunt passed away with stage 4 and didn’t tell anyone that she was sick so it came as a surprise especially with her being a nurse and triathlete. She left behind a 11 year old boy (who happens to be adopted by my aunt) and I had to pick up my life and move to LA to care for him or it was foster care for him. The reason that  I tell you this isn’t for sympathy from a stranger or condolences but to simply say thank you and the world needs more people like you in it! I would have loved to brought my family members one of your cards.” ~ Casey Miner