Wholesale prices are based on customization needs and quantity. We’re happy to add your logo, colors and branding to cards, tote bags and shirts. We do all the printing in-house in Los Angeles, CA.

For a wholesale quote, email lexi@lumpycards.com or 213.534.8936.

If you’re an oncologist, nurse, or non profit organization, we’d love to partner with you! Tell us about where your LumpyCards products will be on display/for sale, and we’ll share it with all our social media!

Pickup available if you’re in the Los Angeles area.

Cardboard display racks for greeting cards available at discounted rate.

If you’re not ready to place a wholesale order of greeting cards, feel free to order a 10 pack of cards to see the quality. Mix and match to get exactly the ones you want! Click here to see it:

Bundle – 10 Pack Mix and Match